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    v10.31.18:102 · b6213ebe
    Blockstate authored
    *Added new blockstates
    *Added glowstone variant for the nether
    *Added 4 new tallgrass textures
    *Added vines
    *Added vines CTM
    *Replaced fence and fence gate models
    *Added custom carrots model in preparation for texture creation
    *Added custom cocoa model in preparation for texture creation
    *Added crafting table custom model
    *Added dispenser custom model
    *Added dropper custom model
    *Added end portal frame custom model (filled version is temporary)
    *Added furnace custom model
    *Added lever custom model
    *Added piston custom model
    *Added potatoes custom model in preparation for texture creation
    *Added tallgrass custom model + 20 model variants
    *Added wheat custom model + 12 model variants per growth stage
    *Added 68 WIP items
    *Added armorstand
    *Added boats
    *Replaced options_background
    *Added resource pakcs, server selection, and world selection buttons
    *Replaced loading screen from Continuum to finally be Atlas Graphics
    *Added WIP creative tab_items
    *Transfered over all GUI at 2k to all versions
    *Removed useless textures that were eating RAM
    *Added bone block
    *Replaced cobblestone and cobblestone mossy
    *Added sticky piston top texture for custom model
    *Replaced all wood planks and base wood textures
    *Added prismarine bricks
    *Added prismarine dark
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